Home-School Liaison                                                                                                                              

The School has secured the services of a Home-School liaison teacher who is available to parents to offer support and help if they have any questions regarding their children’s’ education.

 Career Guidance Service

A full Career Guidance Service is available to all students from 1st year to Leaving Cert. Aptitude tests are carried out on 1st years, which indicate the subject’s best suited to students. Aptitude tests are also carried out on 4th year students, which help them make choices regarding their future careers. Students are monitored throughout their school lives to see that they are taking the subjects best suited to their aptitudes. In the Junior Cycle, each student’s progress is carefully monitored and guidance/counselling made available to anyone who requires it, under the guidance and counselling initiative program.

 Resource / Learning Support

The school operates and equal opportunities policy. The needs of students are catered for according to individual needs. The resource / Learning Support Room is equipped with the most up-to-date resources under the supervision of fully trained staff.

 Year Head System

A year head system is in place. This means that a teacher is assigned to each year. The teacher takes a special interest in the students by monitoring their academic, personal, and social development and keeps in contact with the parents regarding the student’s progress. Parents and teachers working together have a positive effect on student’s educational outcome.

Book Lending

A limited Book Lending service is in place. This means that the students can have the use of school books for the required period, which greatly reduces the cost of books to parents.