The school uniform is a fundamental aspect of the school identity and it presents many advantages for the school community

  • It creates a sense of equality among all students and eliminates competition
  • It reduces expense on parents/guardians
  • It reinforces a sense of pride among students in their school especially when representing the school on sporting or extracurricular activities

All school-related situations available from Joe Durkin’s, Ballymahon Street, Longford.  The School Uniform shall consist of:

Boys –blue shirt/polo shirt, navy, jumper with crest, gray trousers and black shoes

Girls – blue shirt/polo shirt, navy, jumper with crest, Grey skirt, black tights/dark socks and black shoes.

N.B.    Pupils should put their name on tags on uniform jumpers to ensure that they do not get lost.

The school jacket is part of the uniform and is available to buy through the school and may be worn in class.

Presentation and wearing the uniform

  • The uniform must be maintained in neat condition
  • All students are expected to wear the specific uniform at all times i.e. while traveling to and from school as well as on all school related activities.
  • No stripes, logos or team shirts are to be worn either under or over the school uniform.
  • Coats, jackets and other non-uniform items may not be worn in class, class related activities or in the school building.

Failure to wear the uniform is a breach of school regulations and sanctions are liable to be imposed including detention or being sent home from school.