Additional Educational Needs

Aims of our Additional Educational Needs Department

  • To facilitate the social, emotional and educational (including literacy and numeracy) and physical wellbeing of students with special educational needs.
  • To ensure that Templemichael College is an inclusive learning environment that enables students with Special Educational Needs to live a full life and to realise his or her full potential as a unique individual through access to an appropriate broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To enable students with Additional Educational Needs to function as independently as possible in society through the provision of such educational supports as are necessary to realise that potential.
  • To help students with Additional Educational needs develop the skills they need to continue learning in adult life.
  • To ensure that parents/guardians are involved in decisions about their children’s education.

Templemichael College has an open flexible policy in relation to parents visiting the school as part of the transition process for students with AEN. Parents/Guardians of incoming students with AEN are encouraged and are welcome at any stage to visit the school to discuss and waylay any concerns they may have about the transition of their son/daughter into the post primary setting.

Additional Educational Needs are identified prior to entry as a result of completed enrolment forms with documentation, 6th class Passports, HSCL communications with feeder primary schools and Parents/Guardians. Early identification facilitates a smoother transition and allows supports to be put for the students’ commencement.

The school follows the ‘Continuum of Support’ model when allocating the type and level of support provided and this centres around:

  1. Supports for all by enhancing the the teaching and learning process in order to enable pupils with learning difficulties to achieve their potential in literacy, numeracy and curriculum access within the mainstream classroom.
  2. Targeted Learning Support for some with more specific needs. this may take the form of Irish Exemption Learning Support or small group withdrawal to target an identified learning need. This may also be provided through Team Teaching or Support Teaching to facilitate the continued inclusion of students with SEN in the classroom.
  3. Individualised intensive supports for a few ensures that students presenting with the highest level of need receive the greatest level of support. This may take the form of a reduced curriculum, 1:1, Support Class placement*, small group support, SNA support (if sanctioned by NCSE), ICT equipment, Life skills, Social Skills, RACE application etc. Both Classroom Support and School Support will continue to be an important element of his/her individual education plan in order to facilitate the continued inclusion of the student in mainstream.

Support Classes

Templemichael College provides three Support Classes which cater for students with additional or special educational needs:

  • Mild General Learning Disability (11 placements)
  • Two Autistic Spectrum Disorders ( 6 placements each)

Students who are enrolled in the either of the Support Classes must have the recent report from the relevant professional recommending the placement.

Students in all the Support Classes are assigned to a base class with their mainstream year group and attend this to facilitate subject access, inclusion and social integration just like their mainstream peers.

Within the Support Class setting, they receive individualised programmes of support e.g. follow up curricular support; access to programmes on Lifeskills, Social and Emotional Skills, Level 2 Learning programmes etc. with a Subject or a Learning Support teacher. They also have access to the ICT resources at any time, SNA support and access to the room at lunchtime or anytime they might need it.