School Completion Programme

The School Completion Programme (SCP) was set up as part of Department of Education and Skills (DES) DEIS Strategy – Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools. SCP works to help students complete their education. It does this by running activities and events that will support students at risk of early school leaving. These can happen in school, after school and at holiday time. If a student’s behaviour shows that thy may be thinking of leaving school, they can be referred to SCP and the programme will try to help them to stay in school.

Longford School Completion Programme (SCP) is a targeted service for young people who require additional support to get the most from their education.  The Longford SCP project focuses on:

  1. Improving children’s attendance at school
  2. Improving children’s participation in school (involvement in class and school activities)
  3. Improving children’s retention (staying in school). 

School Completion Supports in Templemichael College include: 

After School Homework Club
Social Skills
Transfer Programmes
Holiday Programmes
Behaviour Management
Self Esteem Programme 
Anger Management Programme
One to One Support