We currently offer Junior and Senior Boys Soccer Team training and matches. In 2021, we have 1st yr boys and girls training practice with Longford Town FC youth development officer which is open to all.



Basketball is open to all students in Templemichael College. In the 2018/9 season the school was represented by 1st and 2nd Year Boys and Girls, Junior and Senior Boys and Girls.

The Basketball teams would like to take this opportunity to thank ‘Dial a Chef’ for sponsoring our latest school kit.

in 2021, we have restarted out Junior and Senior Boys and girls Basketball training and and hope to resume competitive matches this year.

Spike Ball

“SpikeBall is a fantastic introduction for young children to become involved in the wonderful game of volleyball” John Treacy, CEO Sport Ireland

SpikeBall was introduced into Templemichael College in September 2018. It is currently played by 1st and 2nd Year Boys and Girls.

Training starts at the beginning of September with competitions begin at the end of September. Both the 1st and 2nd Year Boys teams got through to the regional finals in the 2018/9 season. This was an excellent achievement given that the sport is only in its infancy in Templemichael College. We hope to build on this success in the future 21/22 season.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is played by many students in Templemichael College and is open to anyone who wishes to take part. Training usually takes place one morning per week. Every year there is a hotly contested tournament against Lanesboro Community School.