Career Guidance

We have two full time Career Guidance teachers :

Mr. Andrew Kavanagh

Junior Cycle

Ms. Linda Duignan

Senior Cycle

Role of the Guidance Department

  • The Guidance Counsellor has a supportive role in the personal and social development of the students.   They are available to offer support and counselling to students at times of transition.
  • In their role as Guidance Counsellor they provides educational and career guidance to all students.
  • In addition, they provide support to parents, teachers, management in assisting the personal and social, education and career development of students.
  • They administer psychometric tests, assists students with subject choice and career choice.
  • They liaise with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Year Heads, HSLO, Teachers and referral agencies.
  • They have weekly meetings with the Student Support Team (SST) to identify students who need specific attention.
  • Provides link to the Wellbeing and SPHE departments within the school, helping the students to develop the social, personal and health aspects of their lives.

Initial Contact with students:

  • Orientation Day for first year students
  • To assist students to cope with the transition from primary school to secondary school
  • To help students to organise their time and homework
  • To help students to develop good study habits and skills
  • Provides individual counselling when necessary