Mission Statement

The mission of Templemichael College is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and qualities required to unlock their potential and create opportunities that will sustain them in a diverse and changing world. This mission will be achieved in partnership with parents, guardians and the wider community. We are committed to providing an environment which leads to the personal development of the individual and promotes the unique talents of our students. We are committed to providing an inclusive and accessible community within Templemichael College where children of every social, cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcomed and equally respected.

School Ethos

Effective learning and the wellbeing of our students and staff are at the centre of the ethos of the college. We promote a climate in which the students feel safe and secure and are encouraged to flourish in the school. Students are given opportunities to participate responsibly in decision making in order to become leaders and role models. Individuality and creativity are encouraged and respected within the college.

Templemichael College provides a holistic education in an inclusive, safe and caring environment. We are committed to enabling students to reach their full potential within the school’s formal and informal curriculum. Academic excellence as well as personal development and self-actualisation are at the heart of the aims of the school.