CCTV Signage

We use CCTV on our premises at all times, day and night, for security purposes; to protect premises and assets; to deter crime and anti-social behaviour; to assist in the investigation, detection, and prosecution of offences; to monitor areas in which cash and/or goods are handled; to deter bullying and/or harassment; to maintain good order and ensure the Code of Behaviour is respected; to provide a safe environment for all staff and students; for verification purposes and for dispute-resolution, particularly in circumstances where there is a dispute as to facts and the recordings may be capable of resolving that dispute; for the taking and defence of litigation. Recordings will be kept for 28 days, except where required for any of the purposes above.

For more information, contact Sorcha Nic Dhonnacha on 860441000. View the LWETB CCTV Privacy Notice/Policy on