What is D.E.I.S?

DEIS = Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools
-Launched in 2005 by the (D.E.S) Department of Education & Skills, D.E.I.S is a national programme/action plan aimed at addressing the educational needs of children and young people from disadvantaged communities.
-The DEIS Plan 2017, which replaced the 2005 Plan, sets out a vision for future intervention in the critical area of social inclusion in education policy, and is the DES policy instrument to address educational disadvantage.

How many schools are involved in DEIS?

- In 2019/2020, approximately 900 schools were included in the programme. Of these, almost 200 were post-primary schools.

DEIS Action Plan

We are in year 1 of our 3-year DEIS Action Plan in which the school sets out targets ( in each of the 8 themes) designed to support children who are at the greatest risk of educational disadvantage.

What are the 8 DEIS Themes?

7.Partnership with Parents
8.Partnership with Others