JCSP Initiative


Through JCSP funding we had the opportunity to run a Science Initiative within the school this year. The initiative that was chosen with a Hatch4Schools Programme.

This initiative afforded students of Templemichael College an opportunity to interact, care for and learn about chickens and their life cycle, from incubation, hatching and finally growth. The school programme lasted for a fortnight. We were supplied with fertilized eggs in an incubator, which were just one or two days off hatching. At the end of the fortnight the chickens, Hamish, MJ, Stripey and Gizmo returned to their farm.

Numeracy Games – 1st Years


Linguascope was organised for the school as an aid for the teaching and learning of both French and Spanish this year. It is an app which can be used from home and from any device and gives each student the opportunity to improve their language skills at their own pace, using games, short videos, worksheets and vocabulary.

English is also available on the app for students whose first language is not English.

There is also the opportunity to learn other languages from beginner level such as Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Chinese to name a few.

Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP)

The Junior Certificate Schools Programme is an intervention into the Junior Cycle. All our Junior Cycle students participate in the JCSP programme.

The JCSP Programme attempts to help young people experience success and develop a positive self-image by providing a curriculum and assessment framework suitable to their needs.

The programme aims to ensure that students actively participate in their learning, make progress and build on their achievements. The programme also aims to develop students’ literacy, numeracy, communication and group work skills.

On completion of the programme, students receive a profile which is an official record of their achievements from the Department of Education and Skills.